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Cells4Life stores more UK samples than any other bank
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Up to £250,000 of cover towards stem cell treatment related expenses

Why store your baby's stem cells?

Use of umbilical cord blood stem cells

Storing your baby's stem cells is a unique opportunity to use nature's own building blocks to treat a variety of conditions, both now and in the future.

Learn why treating a child using their own stem cells can be superior.

Why store with Cells4Life?

Child Doctor

Cells4Life stores more UK stem cell samples than any other private bank and offers the most comprehensive service available.

Learn why Cells4Life is the UK leader in umbilical cord blood stem cell storage.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

The Baby Show

March is Cerebral Palsy awareness month, Cells4life wanted to highlight this condition and look at how cord blood stem cells are being used in the search for a treatment.

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For your peace of mind...


Of course, we all hope you never need to use your child's stem cells for a life-threatening condition but what if you did... ... the costs of treatment and recovery could be significant

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Read all the key facts on a single page. Compare us with other UK cord blood storage companies and see why we offer a superior, more specialised and comprehensive service.

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Real people, real case studies


Read real life case studies about successful stem cell treatments.

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